Британский миллионер-сантехник должен отдать дом бывшей сожительнице-уборщице из Литвы - даже не будучи с ней в браке

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Relaxed Unfortunately your reality and reality in the UK is different
How to understand reality of such cases.
Reality of such cases is absolutely different.
This Lady Litva will receive £20-£30 .000. Thousands from this case. The whole of money will take solicitors, barristers, judge .
They all work together.. £600.000.00 will land into lawyers pockets.
Judge thinks about themselves NOT about some Lithuanian Lady.
This is the strongest crime in UK. IN this country We have Judges filthy rich and people homeless. So that plumber will be left homeless , Lady will receive 20, 30 thousands NOT more. The rest lawyers will take for their services.
Its most dangerous to go to Solicitors here. They design their own rules which is absolutely nothing to do with Law. They all work together. They live off people.
Nobody thinks about that cleaning Lady. The Lawyers think about themselves.
Probate (death) its another the richest scale of corruption. Solicitors do fortunes. Theft of Inheritance is a norm. Theft of pair of shoes is a crime. There is a website called Solicitors from Hell. There people disclose their cases. But it was closed. U can still read and understand for yourself a lot from it.
Up North there is a hotel called Honest Lawyer . So the one understands dishonesty is historical.. ... Government only promises reforms. The scale of this white color crime is bigger than drugs or anything else. Judges hide solicitors fraud and welcome because it brings them money.
Another expression Mother gave You money and the Lawyers took it. Lawyers design their own paper packages under which Your mothers money land into their pockets.
Lillian Lot Reality is different.
Lillian Lot Reality is different.

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